Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: How do I transfer my data?

    A: Please go to the Support, then Transfer Data page for the app you want to transfer data for, and register your e-mail address and password. Then reinstall the app. At the start screen, click the Transfer Data button and enter the e-mail address and password you registered.


  • Q:I forgot my Transfer ID or Password.

    A:For customers under the old Transfer ID system:
    Unfortunately, we are unable to help you with restoring your data. We ask for your understanding.

    For customers who have registered using an e-mail address:
    You can have your password resent to your registered address.
    After reinstalling the app, go to the Transfer Data button on the start screen, then choose Transfer using Mail Address, and Forgot Your Password? and proceed to resend your password.


  • Q:Gems and Love Passes I purchased are not showing up.

    A: Please send us a Support Request form, and we will work to resolve the issue.


  • Q:The app has frozen suddenly.

    A:You may be able to resolve this by doing the following.

    For iphone users:
    1: Double-click the Home button.
    2: Swipe upward on the app screen that appears to close it.

    For Android users:
    1: Hold down on the Home button.
    2: Tap on the Task Manager.
    3: Click on the application that you would like to close.

    If the solutions listed above do not resolve the issue, please send us a Support Request.


  • Q:I tried using an item, but nothing happened.

    A:Depending on your signal strength when you play the game, there may be a delay between using an item and its effects appearing. Try moving to an area with good signal strength and refreshing your screen, or restarting the application.
    If the above has no effect, please send us a Support Request.


  • Q:I should have gotten a Bonus Prize. Where is it?

    A:The Bonus Prize may be scheduled to be sent out later. Please check the bonus prize page located inside the app for confirmation on the delivery date. If that date has passed, or if there is no date listed, please send us a Support Request.


If you are still having trouble, please contact us using the method below.

Support Inquiry Form

Weekdays 2am-9am (UTC)

Weekends and holidays are outside of business hours.
*Support requests will be responded to in order of arrival, so there may be a delay before you receive a response.
Requests received outside of business hours will be responded to on the following business day. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

*An automatic response message will be sent to your mailbox after you send your support request.
If you do not receive this response message, it means that you will be unable to receive a response to your support request.
Please set your e-mail server to allow messages from the following domain.

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